From INR 25000* per night including breakfast

As winter gracefully makes its exit, the orchard outside the windows comes to life, marking the end of the cold and the beginning of a vibrant new spring. The apple and apricot trees burst forth in a magnificent display of blossoms, their delicate petals painting the orchard in all shades of white and pink. The rooms at Dolkhar are a perfect reflection of how we experience the landscape of Ladakh as the stone walls of the room share the same colours as the mountains outside and the ceiling made of exposed “talu ldungma'' is a reminder of the long stretches of poplar that come back to life in the spring every year. The villas also come with a “rabsal” Ladakhi balcony and a private patio on the ground floor.
We have 2 different options in our villas
1. Luxury Duplex villa with King size Bed
2. Luxury Duplex villa with Twin Beds


From INR 15000* per night including breakfast

Ladakh during the autumn transitions and undergoes a remarkable transformation. The rugged landscape takes on a new soft life as the vibrant summer greens slowly give way to a breathtaking display of changing colours. The valley becomes a canvas of reds, oranges, and golds, casting a warm glow on everything light touches. All this while, a friendly chill invites you to savour the unique charm of this time of year.
Soon after, Ladakh welcomes the winter and although Ladakh is not the most popular travel destination during this time, we believe that winter here has a unique charm. With local festivals and a warm friendly chill in the air, Ladakh transforms into a whole other world. We are embracing this beautiful season. While many hotels in the region shut down during winter, our semi passive solar, electrically heated mud, wood, and stone villas will remain open, serving as the perfect place to call home. We have taken measures to ensure that our accommodations are well-equipped and ready to cater to your every need. Furthermore, our innovative avant-garde restaurant, Tsas, will be fully functional throughout the season. We have stocked up on items that exude comfort, from hot chocolate to soul-warming soups. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment that allows you to truly experience the essence of Ladakh's winter.
We have 2 different options in our villas
1. Luxury Duplex villa with King size Bed
2. Luxury Duplex villa with Twin Beds

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